Nike Air Mag For Sale 2016: Best Air Mag Shoes to Buy

You must have come across the brand Nike now and then no matter whether you are a sports person or a normal entity.

Nike Inc has come up with the limited edition shoe which they have named as the Nike Mag.

There was a high demand for the shoes shown in the Back to the Future Part II. To an extent it was an exact copy of the shoes that were shown in “Back to the Future Part II.”

This attractive shoes was available for sale in the regular market in the year 2011. The best news is with the approaching of the new year Nike Mag is going to release again for sale. All the Nike Mag lovers are overwhelmed with this news.

More about Nike AIR Mag

“Back to the Future” was a blockbuster movie and was among the first few with trilogy movies which were such a hit.

The second installment of” Back to the Future” series was planned for which Nike Inc. was asked to add their contributions to their designer shoes.

Mr. Tinker Hatfield, who was the leading designer of Nike Inc in 1989 who created the second installment shoes of the series. It could be wisely said the shoe was partly designed then, and then something was left for that so called futuristic year (2015). There are certain features like laces that are self-fastening and the light up panels which separate it from the rest.

Remember all those time when you wanted to copy every accessories of your super hero, and the lightening shoes were the first one in the row.

Nike AIR MAG had the same shoes for you that you could buy with ease from the online stores.

Nike AIR MAG is officially licensed with this design.

Nike Air Mag Shoes For 2016


Past history

Tinker Hatfield interest was generated towards the news that asked for returning for shoes through an online petition 15 years later the development of the shoes.

Tiffany Beers, the innovative name behind the footwear along with Tinker Hatfield decided to develop the best series of Nike MAG out of the scratch.

The span of six years was consumed to build the shoes that you can see today where they started the work from beginning for three times. Sound surprising and brave too as working on something for so long and with such dedication is a tough nut! It took thousands of hours to deliver the shoes that we could see today, in all the way a true replica to the Nike MAG of the 1989 series which was worn by the renowned Marty McFly.


It has out-soled of electroluminescent with 3000 hours lasting rechargeable internal battery and space-age materials. This is among the first Nike footwear pair that could be recharged.

The only prominent thing which was seen in the movie is missing in the shoe- power laces. It has Velcro strap present near the ankle. It also has elastic present near the top of the shoe. It has a special textured sole designed for traction.

MAG is not designed to fulfill the criteria to be worn during recreational or heavy activity purpose.

Past record sales

2011, 8th September 1500 pairs of Nike MAG shoes were auctioned through eBay and its proceeds were funded to as a token of dedication for the research of Parkinson’s disease to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. The price range for this pair of shoes was in between 2,300-9,959 US$. Exclusively additional 10 pairs were sold in the deluxe presentation boxes at live auctions all around the world. Together 1510 pairs of Nike MAG were sold in the year 2011.

Money raised through the auction

4.7 US$ million was generated through the online auctions. It was increased to $5 million, and the balancing figure was agreed to be provided by the end of 2011 by Google’s co-founder Mr. Sergery Brin and his beloved wife, Anne Wojcicki for Michael J. Fox Foundation. The result was US$9.4 million through the online auctions.

Last year proceedings

2015, October 21st when in Back to the Future II Marty McFly also happened to visit the future, Nike came up with the announcement of the self-lacing version of MAG to be hit the market on 2Oth March, 2016.

Press release

The price for these upcoming shoes is yet to be revealed, but it has already been declared that the auction will be held for the sale of these shoes. The whole earning generated by this selling will be contributed to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Michael J. Fox received the first pair of Nike MAG self-lacing shoes on October 2015.

What lead to the emergence of this shoe?

It was around 30 years that Nike collaborated with a movie that had featured 2015’s futuristic world. Nike accepted the challenge to reflect sneakers that would like perfect for the people in future.

The special team that is specialized in innovation further took this design and added a best possible touch of technology in it. They somewhere wanted to relate it with sports.

Improved version

Nike MAG developed the traditional lacing pattern, integrated it into a most inimitable pattern which occupied as a ruling beacon of popular and prevailing culture.

The remarkable verdict by President of Nike Inc.

Mark Parker, the president and CEO of Nike Inc. proudly stated that Nike MAG was just a work of fiction and with their efforts they turned it into reality.

They have launched a technology which is a blessing for all athletes. He further said that Nike always plans the product by keeping the future in mind.

What separate it from the rest?

Some of the Nike fans define it as a shoe with power laces, archetype development, and digital technology. Together these features deliver a responsive system to every entity and provide the required level of comfort.

Though it is the repetition of the previous design of the same series surely with betterment.

Contributions of Nike in sports

Nike is known for contributing continuously with the best set of technology in multiple sports. It tries to unite the feedback to bring the positive alteration in the footwear suiting the future game with surely unprecedented enactment characteristics that possess the potential to influence the athletes all around.

Very soon the wait will be over and you will be able to witness this unique product combined with technology and fiction.